Lexicon Reverbs: Lexicon goes Native, at last!


It had to happen: Lexicon has just announced its PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle, porting some of its reverb algorithms to native platforms (AU/VST/RTAS, iLok required). Not so much info on Lexicon website at the moment (there are a few videos anyway, quite generic actually) and a few typos here and there, but we're glad to see also older PPC Macs are supported (this means also the plugs are not so cpu-hungry). Well, someone should just tell them that there are no Audio Units plugs for Windows...

We know, the question is: where do these seven algos come from exactly? In the videos there's just one reference to an "old algorithm" (for the Concert Hall), and a reference to the PCM96 for the Vintage Plate algorithm, but not more than that.
Let's wait for an official word from Lexicon...

Updated news: straight from the horse's mouth (read: the developer, Michael Carnes): "I wrote these plugins in addition to all the professional reverbs going back to the PCM90. As you might suspect, that earliest work is primarily a port of work invented by David Griesinger. Since then, I've added more and more content of my own. The most modern of our reverbs still contain the old DNA, but they've been considerably refined over the years. The source of these new plugins in the PCM96, although I added one new version of the plate that isn't on any hardware at all yet."

No demo and no price available at the moment. The Lexicon PCM Native Bundle demo is now available, see here.

Updated news: It will be available in November 2009 with a suggested retail price of $1,899. Ok, that probably means less on the street, but unless that's a mistake, I think they should re-think their sales approach on this product. These are prices that could have made sense (for some people) in the TDM market years ago. In 2009 they seem hardly justifiable, even if we're talking of the reverbs' Ferrari (no hardware/manufacturing/etc. costs).
Also, if the plugs are as good as they're supposed to be (and reading the developer's words above, I have no doubts they will sound great), Lexicon could make way more money lowering the price of the bundle (and/or splitting it in several products). Dear Lexicon, come on, let's make it a win-win situation!


  1. Glad to finally see these released as native - regardless of price. For whatever reason, people seem to think that just because a product is software that it somehow has to cost less than it's hardware counterpart. The real costs are in the R&D and engineering, not the manufacturing. I'm personally looking forward to these. They're long overdue. Thanks Lexicon!

  2. From here on the price can only go down.....

  3. Good one, Frans!

    About the first comment (I don't like talking to anonymous people though), of course I'm glad as well, being a Lexicon fanboy, but that's just a part of the truth.
    People has good reasons to think software in many cases should cost much less than hardware:
    components, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, all related costs...
    then, if we're talking of R&D for a product ported from hw to sw, well, most of the R&D has already been done and its costs covered.

    If you add to these factors the obsolescence of software (unfortunately Lexicon has some skeletons in the closet, think of the past), the picture is not so beautiful as you seem to paint it.

    So, it's great to see Lexicon stuff on native platforms, but...